DIG 3153- Blog # 6-The Information age: How credible is it?

The Information Age: How credible is it?

pibWhen you think about accessing information the last thing on your mind is whether or not the information is credible.  We are a grab and go generation, we want it when we want it and having to do extra research to divulge its credibility presents quite a hassle. This is why Digital ethic is under attack .

Digital ethics under attack? but I thought “they couldn’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true.” According to  a research done by Moe Folk of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and Shawn Apostel of Eastern Kentucky University the biggest group to suffer from this dilemma is our youths, and as ”Livingstone(2009) pointed out, children represent  around one-fifth of the population in developed countries” and  “childrens digital media behavior is indicative of future trends, it also signals a potentially different relation to information gathering and evaluation in the

Seeing and knowing is two different things and as avid internet users dabbling in the digital mainstream you must be able to weed out the good from the bad. Maybe the term “ knowledge is power”  should take a different approach and say, “factual knowledge is power.” You are more likely to run into uncredible free flowing information in this digital media age than finding a shoe to match with your outfit and that rare.

poConsider this, when you access a site, you believe or rather hope it carries credible information, this in turn relieves the pressure of having to flub all over trying to prove a sites credible information.  However, this can be a double edged sword because on one end you are trusting someone else to provide you with factual information therefore the research process has been taken out of your hands .

There is nothing like a good old fashion scavenger hunt, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. But with all the information floating around, it seems rather tedious. So,how do you develop a researching mind?  Well, as I always tell my daughter, “ If I say the sun is orange, don’t take my word for it because I am your mother, go and see for yourself”

Just because you trust someone does not  mean you have to trust everything they say or do. According to The John D. and Catherine T.MacArthur Foundation reports on Digital media Learning, The new digital media frontier is rich with opportunities  and particularly moldable minds.These minds are in danger of receiving, processing and dissemination  unfactual, careless and biased information.

Websites such as Wikipedia  are constantly defending their credibility unlike Peer reviewed Journals Articles which has been a stamp of approval with its proven background for providing factual information.

To decide what makes someone and/or company  trustworthy consider some of the following elements:

P1. Are they BBB accredited?

2. Management Information

3. Contact information

4. Privacy policies

5.Trust Seals

6. Put a name to the face

7. Copyright symbols

8. Is it a zombie page

9. Organization of facts; primary vs secondary

10. Is the information verifiable.

Survey-Patti Harden

My question is, had I not ask whether the site was credible or not, would Ms. Harden accepted the information as is?I conducted a survey to test the credibility of a website, unfortunately only one person responded and it was Ms. Patti Harden.  Ms. Harden determined that the link to the site I sent her was not a credible site because as she  researched the name of the animal, it became clear that there is no such animal. Furthermore, there was a website that addressed the credibility of the link I sent her. Her investigation turned up a few articles such as the Fake ‘tree octopus’ exposes risks of Internet reliance among students and The octopus paxarbolis: Developing information literacy.


DIG 3153-Blog # 7-Is Traditional Writing Dead or Just Getting A Makeover?

Is Traditional Writing Dead or Just Getting A Makeover?

picAs the old saying goes, “out with old and in with the new,” but, could this “newer and better”mentality lead to a seismic shift in the human evolutionary chart leave us divided?

Since its grand introduction, computers have long undergone the scrutiny of the doomsday cynics… “computers will take over the world, computers does all the thinking for us,” and so on and so forth…But, could these prophetic ranting’s of the human mind which created the computer be on to something? Hence, we debate one of the fundamental wellspring of human survival…the language of writing. The question is do computers change the way we interact with writing content on the web as opposed to a traditional essay or print newspaper article?

Traditionally, the way we learn was and still is determined by our zone of proximal development, a Vygotskian concept by Lev Vygotsky,Tools of the Mind. In this zone, “physical tools extend our physical abilities, mental tools extend our mental abilities, enabling us to solve problems and create solutions in the modern world (Vygotsky).” So, instead of battling nature vs nurture, both are combined and create what is known as scaffolding, a framework so to speak, to promote learning and development. What’s the connection? Well, every time you learn something new you connect a synapse, but if you do not use it, you lose it.

Much is to be said about this, according toMr. Kwabena Boahen (2007), a researcher at Stanford, “When computers were first introduced, they were said to be a million times faster than neurons. People were really excited” (0:55). Thinking that computers would surpass the capacity of the brain. Boahen and his research team at Stanford hope to create a computer that mimics the function of the human brain. This technology would allow the computer and brain to interact on the same level. What does that mean for the way we communicate through writing?

In writing the same techniques apply, your skills depended on the era and medium used to disseminate the information. As communication devices evolved, so did our writing, from chiseling images on stones to 140 characters in twitter, and who can argue that the very act of writing is an extension of the brains thoughts not only on paper, but now virtually everywhere.

An article written byNicholas Carr, debated whether or not Google was making us stupid…and by us I mean any and everyone using its resources… …Carr says that over the years he has noticed a decline in his need to read effectively, it’s as if someone is tinkering with his brain.

EntersMr. Carl Knerr’s. After reading Carr’s article he combats the assumptions by addressing Carr’s “lingering fear over the Internet’s impact on the way we think is unfounded,  and targeting your customers based on their needs is not stupefying them but rather promoting the effectiveness of your product (Knerr, 2013).

pic2The issue is not with computers but rather the consumption of its resources, and yes, computers do change the way we interact with writing content on the web as opposed to a traditional essay or print newspaper article. The landscape of researching articles, the construction of essays, and the decline in newspapers circulation….having to adjust to online demands has all undergone massive transformation. A new beast…a more compact one, if you will, have been created, and one that most are afraid will erode the very foundation of writing itself…


DIG 3153- Blog # 5- Why I left Antigua

Why I left Antigua



Antigua, like most post colonial territories suffered tremendously after the “mother country” left. And like most islands recovering with no resourceful income proved quite a struggle for the natives.

As a child growing up in Antigua,I did not experience hardship. However I saw the results of poverty when I visited my friends. There are no federal mandates for early childhood education because it is not free. You may be able to afford to send your child to school this month  but what about next month? Unless you had a steady income you were left worrying where your next meal was coming from, especially if you were a single parent. As a young mother with only a high school diploma my mother soon learned the hardship of this and decided to leave.  The rest of my family still lives in Antigua.

I was only ten when my mother left Antigua to make a “better life.” My brother and I would visit at least once every two years or so. . But it wasn’t until I turned sixteen that I made the big move.

 My family

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Whoever said, “home is where the heart is”, was right. My family is wonderful! These are only snippets of some of my family members back home.  Whenever I go back to Antigua I have lots of fun. Not only am I treated like a visitor but I am also reap the benefits of being the family member who left really young and is just now returning. As I said before I left Antigua when I was 16yrs old and had not returned until I was 35 yrs old (whole other story).

My family is rather small but big in love.

As the story goes my grandmother who was black and white married my grandfather who was darker than her. Apparently, she was disowned because it she married down because of color but also because of social systems.

Now, keep in mind my grandfather was a dark skinned , and a well-known carpenter around the island. Needless to say the dilemma split the family in half and as a whole my immediate family only consists of my mom and her two sisters and us their children and grandchildren.

My mother struggled really hard to make a better life for me and my brother. And at the time America provided better opportunities. And although we may have our cultural hang-ups about what we think a better life is, to me it  is making progressive strides with what you have.

A better Life

me and thalia

My mother had the drive to succeed and she did, and for that I am very proud and grateful to her for all the sacrifices she has ever made. It took me a really long time to get past the hurt of her leaving but when I look at my daughter with that sense of “I’ll make a way for you,” I now know exactly the ups and downs a mother goes through for her children. Rephrase, not all mothers, My mother. I love my mother with all my heart. It took me a really long time to say that wholeheartedly.

  I hope one day to permanently move back home.


DIG 3153- Blog # 4- Brain dump…Too much on the brain, feeling strained

bad-day-e1320251238488Have you ever had one of those days, where you woke up and life said, “Hey, have a happy crappy day” and then you see posters like this and your like, ” it could be worse.”

Stress ManAs humans we  tend to over-think, and over-stress anything that comes our way, whether its bills, work, relationship issues, fear of the unknown, lack of sleep, worrying about your health, tired, or the economy, we are just a big bag full of worries.

Even something as simple as  trying on an outfit has us frazzled.We have to at least turn two to three times in the mirror and when someone passes by, we politely but desperately ask, ” how does this look” and even though the answer is fine, it still does not diminish the anxiety we dropped ourselves since the day began.

Welcome to Brain dump….Where you get to unload all the sh@# that has been bothering you whether from conception, or fifth grade when someone stole your favorite lunch snack or even just the days odd way of saying, “hello.”

What is Brain dump…In blogging its where you dump anything and everything has been bothering for the day or before that.

How do you go about that? Just start writing about things that has bothering and continues to..even as you are reading this blog.

Find a corner and unleash blogging fury..get it off your brain…dump it!


But, first things let me reintroduce the concept..Brain dumping does not mean that all your problems will go away but it will certainly ease the frustration you have built up. We are not computers, we cannot transfer one information from one spectrum to another and not think about it.

However there are certain aspects of brain dumping that has helped students when it comes to studying(not scientifically proven, but student approved).

frowned uponHowever frowned upon,  you have an upcoming exam  and maybe just maybe “studying for only certain questions within a subject area might yield a pass on an exam, but doesn’t yield any real understanding of the subject matter.”  But still, you were able to retain enough information to pass the test.


For identity protection sake, names of actual participants were withheld :).

th (4)On a serious note…. Futurist theorists, author and inventor, Ray Kurzweil ( co-developer of the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind) seeks and suggests,and believes” that a post-biological age will dawn when humans cease to exist as mortal beings and live forever in virtual reality, after downloading their brains to computers.”

This is considered a more extreme interpretation of brain dumping. It is an attempt to transfer all brain knowledge to a computer.

Ironically enough he  predicted that a computer would beat a man in chess….

Are we destined to live out our lives in the virtual world? hmmmm..food for though.

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DIG 3153 – Blog # 2-Viva Soccer, Brazil 2014



Since its commencement in 1930, every four years a different country has hosted the much anticipated FIFA Soccer Tournament, and for the fifth time Brasil has won the bid. Like every hosted Soccer event, Brasil has pulled out all the stops. We will take a look at the road to this years event, from the construction of the multi-million dollar stadium to the advertisements used to garner national attention. Even America wants a piece of the pie…

Activists demonstrate in front of riot police outside the Mane Garrincha National Stadium in Brasilia

According to National Public Radio (NPR) the Arena de Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil stadium cost $300 million, and an additional $250,000 a month just for upkeep once the tournament is completed. Some say the country should have spent their money on more important things due to the country’s weak economic infrastructure. Amidst the controversy  lies the glamour of the worlds biggest event.

A recent article written by Lauren Rentz of  adage.com sourced  that the amount spent by eight  World cup market sponsors of Brazil’s dominant TV network Globo was a total of $600 million for a TV presence around the soccer games and related coverage, that is a whopping $75 million per sponsor. Globo aired 112 commercials and 112 vingettes per sponsor during and around the games played between June 6 and July 13, 2014. However pricey the ads, that did not stop sponsors from churning out big bucks. The show must go on!

This year FIFA will host 32 teams

AlgeriaAlgeriaArgentinaArgentinaAustraliaAustraliaBelgiumBelgiumBosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaBrazilBrazilCameroonCameroonChileChileColombiaColombiaCosta RicaCosta RicaCôte d'IvoireCôte d’IvoireCroatiaCroatiaEcuadorEcuadorEnglandEnglandFranceFranceGermanyGermanyGhanaGhanaGreeceGreeceHondurasHondurasIranIranItalyItalyJapanJapanKorea RepublicKorea RepublicMexicoMexicoNetherlandsNetherlandsNigeriaNigeriaPortugalPortugalRussiaRussiaSpainSpainSwitzerlandSwitzerlandUruguayUruguayUSAUSA

construction pics 

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pics of ads

Link to youtube commerical 


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Blog # 1- 365 reasons why you should visit the beautiful island of Antigua


Unlike most Caribbean Islands, the island of Antigua is the only one that can proudly boasts a wide variety of beaches, 365 to be exact, a beach for each day of the year.

Antigua( pronounced An-Tee-Ga) , also known as Wadadli  is located in the middle of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, roughly 17 degrees north of the equator, and is only 108 square.So how can an island of its stature claim so many beaches?



The topography of the  island is very unique, in that it is divided into the windward, leeward, the southwestern part , the northeastern and the central region. The windward side which has rough steep hills. The leeward side has shallow bays. The southwestern side is hilly and rough. Recently renamed Obama Peak, Boggy peak is the highest peak is the highest  point at rising at 1,3330 feet. The southeastern side is considered the volcanic portion because of its historical evidence of volcanic eruptions.

The northeastern area is the limestone area. And TThe northeastern side also presents more rolling landscapes with low ridges and limestone and marl(combination of clay and silt) hills. he central region is much lower, flatter and thin-bedded than other parts of the island. Because of all its nooks and crannies, the development of the island of Antigua is a rarity amongst the Caribbean islands.


Reason #1- Reason # 365

The Magnificent Beaches

Top picks

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Stay tuned as I countdown more of Antigua’s 365 lovely beaches

DIG 3153 Blog #3- Express yourself

DIG 3153 Blog # 1


web graphics

Venturing into the social media field can be quite a hassle especially if you do not know where to get the freebies from. We have all gone through this; looking for a specific image and when you do it either has a huge X on it, a way for an artist to protect their art(understandable) or you have to cite or give credit to and from whom you snagged it from. So why bother with the hassle, why not delve into your own creativity and create something awesome…

Here are a few sites that will allow you to express yourself…

Cool Text offers you the opportunity to create your type of LOGO graphics, whether it is for webpages or just for blogging sake. Just choose a LOGO style and start the creating process. See the logo above..I created it using this site..http://cooltext.com/

coollogo_com-22418711Another fun and useful website is flamingtext,you can create logos but at a mere cost of $9.95, which may be a good price depending on your budget. I created this logo and copied and pasted it but I still have to give some credit to where and whom I created it at and from.

Another cool site is online image editor, this does not allow you to create an image but it does allow you to crop it however you want. I am sure that there are better sites out there but for now you can use the simple ones and work your way up..For more useful tips check out the website at http://www.online-image-editor.com

Check out the before and after pic’s..46094_430910754834_275956_noie_oie_framed_it

 They might look a little cheesy but hey, I did it and that’s all that counts!